Personal furnishing partner
who understands you perfectly

Since 2008 TRIKA has been a reliable furnishing partner for interior design visionaries — investors, designers, and architects.

Our unique experience, dedication, personalized service, and carefully curated portfolio empower us to provide you with complete support in crafting ambitious spaces that elevate everyday life to a new level.

We are a furnishing personal partner who offers all the support you need in transforming your vision into a sustainable, welcoming, and comfortable space that inspires people to play, explore, enjoy, and socialize.

TRIKA’s three stages 
of furnishing support


After identifying what you’d like to achieve with the space, your journey continues with a call or visit to a showroom.

There you’ll connect with our sales team, who will guide you through every aspect of your project.


We’ll first get to know you and your aspirations, so we can pinpoint the solutions that fit your aesthetic and practical needs. To ensure the best result for your project, we’ll take a close look at your floor plans, measurements, photos, and other unique spatial considerations.


After identifying the best products and finishes for your space. we provide a quote and estimated lead time, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Our team ensures a smooth shipping and installation process. We’ll plan the logistical details, with your furniture arriving on time and fitting flawlessly. We’ll take care of all the empty packaging, disposing of it responsibly and sustainably.

TRIKA's values

Regardless of whether the client purchases a single piece or furnishes an entire hotel, we consistently dedicate the same level of approach and effort to providing them with support.

We prioritize creating an atmosphere of calmness, warmth, and approachability, valuing honesty as a means to better comprehend our clients’ needs.

Years of experience strengthen our ability to quickly adapt to all the furnishing challenges. We solve those challenges quickly and easily, no matter their complexity level.

We support all creatives and investors who want to build inspiring spaces. Our dedication to detail and problem-solving have helped us build a community of clients who work with us continuously.

We are proud of our carefully curated portfolio of suppliers from all parts of the price spectrum. Our team combines diverse experiences and talents to better understand the client and provide them with personalized support.

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